Live Basil, the signature cocktail at our restaurant in Portopetro

Our restaurant in Portopetro has always looked for ways to stand out with our creative ideas. The Mediterranean gastronomy, the views of this incredible corner of Santanyí, excellent customer service and constant innovation whilst always respecting our surrounding, are just some examples. Therefore, we want to offer in addition to this our cocktail menu, a unique and unbeatable experience. In this blog article we are going to present our signature cocktail and we are going to deconstruct it so that you can see the secrets as to how it’s made. Would you like to know what goes into it? Continue reading to find out more.


A signature cocktail which has been with us from the start

During the three years which we have been open, many things have accompanied us on our journey such as our loyal staff, many of our clients, our fundamental philosophy of “sharing is better”, a high class national and internal cuisine and also one of our star cocktails: the Live Basil. This beverage is the star cocktail of our restaurant in Portopetro. The house’s signature. And as its name suggests, basil is the true protagonist and fundamental pillar of this cocktail.


Restaurant in Portopetro: The creation of Live Basil

The careful process of creating this cocktail is a complete ritual. To commence, the cocktail cannot just be made in any old glass. We use a Martini glass which is pre-frosted before being used. Ever since we opened our restaurant in Portopetro the Live Basil has had two staples during its existence: basil and gin. We pour out 4 centilitres of dry gin and 2 centilitres of basil syrup. To this we add 2 centilitres of lemon juice and one of Cointreau. This combination is finished off with a homemade sugar syrup and egg white, which are topped off with a fresh basil leaf on top. All these elements fuse in an ice-cold glass.


A summer cocktail at our restaurant in Portopetro

The Live Basil cocktail is a complete classic for summer at our restaurant in Portopetro. Its creation in an ice-cold glass and the fresh notes of the basil make it very refreshing and ideal for this time of year. Serving it as one of our signatures in our cocktail selection, we have been able to watch it become a favourite before and after dinner and the perfect accompaniment for special evenings. Would you like to try it? For whatever type of evening you have planned whether it be with friends, family or your special someone we have a grand space separated into different areas which can be perfectly adapted to your evening. We are open to all possibilities.


Share our star cocktail and enjoy it with our gastronomy

As we have previously mentioned, it is a cocktail made to be enjoyed, especially, after a great dinner to share. Its freshness and fantastic mouth taste make it the perfect option for letting the evening roll on. Don’t forget that you can pre-organise and plan your next dinner as our gastronomic offer is available online and let your mouth water.


Reserve your table at our restaurant in Portopetro

If you would like to savour every flavour of the basil and gin in our Live Basil, don’t think about it any longer and visit our restaurant in Portopetro. Reserve your table in the space which is best suited to your needs and we will ensure that your evening be one to remember with your loved ones. We will be waiting with open arms!