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Thank you so much for such a unique season at our restaurant in Portopetro

With the arrival of autumn, the season at Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, is about to end and we can’t thank you enough for making our restaurant a place to have a break during your working day, a meeting point this summer or that special place for your celebration. In this blog article, we will […]

Ensaïmada: the sweetest souvenir from Mallorca at your restaurant in Portopetro

It’s the sweetest snack in all of Mallorca and also the most common souvenir for those who return home from their holidays (and desperately awaited by those at home!). But it’s not just visitors, Mallorcan’s are also living in constant want of Ensaïmada, an authentic delicacy to accompany your morning coffee or to add the […]

Na Petra Restaurant; enjoy our slow way of living in Mallorca

Year after year Mallorca shows both residents and tourists a different perspective every time they visit. You have the sophisticated side, in which famous personalities and international jetsetters mingle, the more bustling areas, the capital of the island where life runs at a faster pace and also the calm where the day to day goes […]

Live Basil, the signature cocktail at our restaurant in Portopetro

Our restaurant in Portopetro has always looked for ways to stand out with our creative ideas. The Mediterranean gastronomy, the views of this incredible corner of Santanyí, excellent customer service and constant innovation whilst always respecting our surrounding, are just some examples. Therefore, we want to offer in addition to this our cocktail menu, a […]

The gastronomic experience at our restaurant in Portopetro

Mallorca is a paradise which can be enjoyed with all five senses. At Na Petra restaurant in Portopetro, we like to tantalize them all. We believe that the landscapes in the south east of the island, and specifically in Santanyí, are eye catching natural wonders. If you bring together this natural beauty with the freshest […]

Our restaurant in Portopetro is back for the 2019 season!

With the arrival of spring the summer season is just around the corner and at Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we are extremely excited to get back in to the full swing of things. Delicious cocktails, fantastic gastronomy and as always the best views of the Mediterranean. In this blog article we will be giving […]

Discover the Mediterranean breakfast at our restaurant in Portopetro

The month of October is a transitional period in Mallorca. The intense temperatures ease off and tranquillity takes over the coastal areas, creating an environment of relaxation and contemplation. At our restaurant in Portopetro we make the most of this time to offer our Mediterranean breakfasts. An incredible way to recharge your batteries in one […]

Have your celebrations at Na Petra, our restaurant in Portopetro

Portopetro is an idyllic location for any kind of activity. The perfect combination of coast and Mallorcan essence means that enjoying any kind of celebration be a magical and unforgettable experience. Na Petra, our restaurant in Portopetro, offers a location like no other on the seafront with facilities that cater for group lunches and dinners […]
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