Ensaïmada: the sweetest souvenir from Mallorca at your restaurant in Portopetro

It’s the sweetest snack in all of Mallorca and also the most common souvenir for those who return home from their holidays (and desperately awaited by those at home!). But it’s not just visitors, Mallorcan’s are also living in constant want of Ensaïmada, an authentic delicacy to accompany your morning coffee or to add the final touches to an unforgettable meal in the form of a dessert.


A creative version of the Ensaïmada at our restaurant in Portopetro

Today at our restaurant in Portopetro we will be giving you all the secrets on this delicious dessert which has propelled Mallorcan gastronomy around the world and so we invite you to try our sweetest treat: Ensaïmada tiramisu.


What exactly is Ensaïmada?

If anyone is still thinking, what exactly is Ensaïmada? It is a sweet dough made from flour, sugar and the star ingredient which gives it its famous name, lard, which in Catalan is called “saïm”. For those of you who love to bake and might be wondering how to make Ensaïmada, we don’t want to discourage anyone. At first glance the Ensaïmada may look very simple, but this product can only be achieved with a lot of practice and it is why the bakeries of Mallorca are so valued by their people.

You can eat this treat any time of day; and without meaning to it has become the main breakfast option in Mallorca, it can make any mid-morning snack transform into a special occasion, and it is one of the best desserts to end a lunch or dinner with friends, a dessert which at our restaurant in Portopetro you will find in the form of Ensaïmada tiramisu.

The Ensaïmada is also one of the most versatile desserts that you can imagine as it can be presented in a million different ways. From its most simple versions, known as the simple or stuffed Ensaïmadas, which can be made with ‘cabell d’àngel’ (pumpkin pulp), cream, custard and chocolate. But that’s not all, the sweetest mouthful in Mallorca not only plays with all things sweet, it can also be savoury and include sobrassada (a cured Mallorcan sausage) which combines the sweetness of the glacé fruit in the famous Ensaïmada which is eaten at carnival, known as the “ensaimada de tallades”.


Ensaïmada tiramisu, exclusively at our restaurant in Portopetro

And if after an absolutely delicious gastronomic experience at Na Petra Restaurant, you still have room to enjoy one of our delicious desserts, Mallorca and Italy come together to fuse in a spectacular recipe; Ensaïmada tiramisu, which brings to a perfect end that unforgettable meal. A tiramisu like you have always known and loved but with ours we substitute biscuit for…. Ensaïmada. An utter delight which you will find on our menu.


Reserve your table at our restaurant in Portopetro

If you would like to savour all the flavours of our Ensaïmada tiramisu, don’t hesitate any longer and head to our restaurant in Portopetro. Reserve your table in the area you most desire and we will make sure to make your night with your loved ones be completely unforgettable. We will be waiting for you with open arms.