Thank you so much for such a unique season at our restaurant in Portopetro

With the arrival of autumn, the season at Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, is about to end and we can’t thank you enough for making our restaurant a place to have a break during your working day, a meeting point this summer or that special place for your celebration. In this blog article, we will be unveiling some of the reasons as to why Na Petra has become one of your favourite destinations this season. Will you join us?


A unique space in an unforgettable surrounding

For us there’s nothing better than seeing our clients enjoy what we offer in the comfort of our spaces and once again we have welcomed even more of you this season. At our restaurant in Portopetro we have various terraces which offer different atmospheres where every client can have their own corner of paradise. The perfect spaces to take in the sun’s rays or rest during the summer season which is slowly coming to an end.


Gastronomy to share at our restaurant in Portopetro

One of the fundamental pillars of our restaurant in Portopetro is our gastronomy. From the very minute we opened we started experimenting with new ingredients and recipes to offer our clients an incredible culinary experience, and this year we have been able to keep doing it thanks to our customers trust and our incredible kitchen team, who have produced a menu with a selection of carefully put together dishes deeply rooted in fresh local produce. The ideal gastronomic offer, designed to be shared with friends, with a great atmosphere and making memories that last a lifetime.


A season filled with unique cocktails

If you have been lucky enough to enjoy our wonderful cocktails across the season, we want to let you know that our cocktails have been very carefully planned and thought out. Our highly qualified team of barmen have ensured that every single one of our cocktails reach the perfect balance with the unique objective of offering the best drink.

So, day after day our experienced bar staff have ensured that you be well hydrated and have enjoyed our atmosphere on the shores of Portopetro.


Reserve your table and enjoy the last few days of the summer season with our restaurant in Portopetro

We are ending the season with so many happy memories and experiences which we know will return again next season…and it was all thanks to you! So, on behalf of the whole team at Na Petra Restaurant, we want to thank you for sharing your moments throughout this season with us. If you are thinking of bidding farewell to summer in style at our restaurant in Portopetro, contact us and we will find you the perfect table at Na Petra. And as for next season, if you are thinking of celebrating a special moment or you simply want to enjoy a delicious lunch… We will be waiting for you on the shores of Portopetro in 2020!