Try the best sangria at Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro

When you think of Spanish gastronomy and of its drinks, it’s inevitable to think of sangria, a drink created with a base of wine, fruit and liquor which entices any person that visits Spain due to its exoticism and freshness. A sure summer hit that at times can lose its essence due to it being regularly found in any type of establishment. At Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we are specialized in creating select cocktails and in preserving at all times the essence of the Mediterranean. With these two factors we create three types of sangria which will quench your thirst and refresh those summer afternoons whilst you look at the sunset comfortably on our outdoor terrace. In this article we want to tell you what is in these creations.


What is sangria?

Sangria is an alcoholic creation which is made up of one part water or sparkling lemonade, another of wine and it is complemented by the sweet aspect of fruit or other sweet products. To this mixture another alcoholic drink might be added depending on where the drink has been made. So for example, in Asturias, cider is added to sangria. This refreshment is well known due its red colour and for being at the centre of most tourists’ tables who visit Spain during the summer months. According to the European Union, sangria can only be produced in Spain and parts of Portugal, what makes it a Spanish drink, apart from it being very refreshing, is it being known as exclusive to this land.


A classic creation, at the Portopetro restaurant Na Petra

On the cocktail menu at Na Petra you will find three types of sangria. The first one of them all is the classic sangria. This creation is made with red wine as a base and you add fruit such as orange or lemon to give a touch of citrus, sweetness, some spices and sparkling lemonade. Sometimes another liquor can be added such as vermouth to strengthen the consistency of the drink. The king of this creation is the red wine, which gives it the well-known red colour. Other secrets of this refreshment include macerating the fruit. At Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we know this drinks’ secrets, in which tradition and authenticity marry in perfection with a modern and select creation.




Other sangria creations at our restaurant in Portopetro

Na Petra offers two alternatives to the classic sangria. The first of them being cava sangria, a more gourmet creation which still holds the essence of the classic sangria but adds a cosmopolitan touch with a base of cava and fruit, it is characterised by its sweetness. A recipe which maintains tradition and provides a touch of luxury. The other creation is known worldwide: the ‘tinto de verano’. A drink created with elements of sangria but with different quantities and an unbeatable flavour. The recipe is simple: equal parts of red wine and sparkling lemonade or if you prefer you can add a different soft drink. Sometimes it is complemented by a citrus fruit wheel or other liquors. It is a clear winner on the summer terraces due to its power to quench thirst and refresh.


Come and try the most authentic and exclusive sangria at Na Petra

Without a doubt, sangria is one of the most iconic drinks of Spanish culture. If you don‘t want to miss out on the unique experience of trying this creation from the hand of our cocktail service in a landscape as unique as Portopetro, then come and try it at Na Petra. Reserve your table at our restaurant in Portopetro and allow yourself to be carried away by wine and citrus fruits. You wont regret it!