Live the Fiestas de Verano Portopetro with our restaurant Na Petra

The essence of Mallorca is multiplied in summer. Its popular fiestas, alongisde its celebrations that run late in to the night, bringing together it’s people in the different towns of the island to laugh, dance, sing and to pay homage to one of the best seasons of the mediterranean. Portopetro, like many other areas, has its local fiestas. During the month of June there are the Fiestas de San Juan and the summer solciste. At the end of July the people of the area return to organise and celebrate the Fiestas de Verano, from the 28th of July until the 5th of August. At Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we want to explain what we celebrate in our area during these dates and to encourage you to come and celebrate them with us.


The celebrations begin at our restaurant in Portopetro

It’s time. The 28th of July is approaching and the people of Portopetro know what that means. It’s time for the Fiestas de Verano and the locals head out to the streets to take part in the different activities and performances which are carried out. In Mallorca it’s very normal to celebrate for a few days every year, one fiesta in every area. In this corner of Santanyí the day begins with a lot of rhythm. At the carefully created and designed square which hosts Club Náutico, next to our restaurant in Portopetro, Xisco Parra offers an upbeat Zumba session at 8 pm so that families, kids, adults and friends can dance away. At 10:30 pm it’s time for the local festivity which kicks off the celebrations. The town festivities are an attraction in Mallorca which stand out for the fact that they bring together all of the people in the area and its surroundings to the sound of music. Often they are represented in announcements as idyllic Mediterranean nights. And it’s nothing short of the truth!


The second day of celebrations with Mallorcan essence

On the following day it’s always a little hard to get up, but the programme of celebrations has set a fun option to wake you up: at 10:30 the soap slicked pole event is carried out. In the port you will find a long and thin wooden pole covered in water and soap where the bravest people try to reach as far along it as possible in a balancing act. It is one of the most fun moments of the fiestas given that the difficulty of the exercise means that it dominates the area from one end of the wood to the other. At 5:30 pm it’s time for the little ones: a foam party with music so that the kids can get lost in the foam and have a great time.




It’s time to recharge your strengths for the final stretch at our restaurant in Portopetro

It’s time to take a rest. The weekend has ended and it’s time to recharge your strengths after two intense days. The next event is on the 5th of August. The first Sunday of August 2018 the acts begin at 8:30 pm with a remembrance for an activist and university professor known across the whole island who passed away a few months ago: Antonio Artigues. After an emotional homage, the celebrations continue with the most deep rooted tradition of Mallorca: poetry, glosses (poetry battles), and the touch of xeremies, a type of local bagpipe. After enjoying the Mallorcan essence and discovering its customs and idiosyncrasy, Portocolom says goodbye to its celebrations with the popular dance, where its inhabitants dance until their feet fall off.


Discover the best time of year at Na Petra, our restaurant in Portopetro

The Fiestas de Verano are an opportunity to live the pure authenticity of Mallorca. If you want to enjoy the most deep-rooted activities on the island, our restaurant in Portopetro, Na Petra, we strongly recommend the fiestas in this area. To recharge your batteries, liven up or enjoy a drink with friends or family, don’t hesitate any longer, and reserve your table at our restaurant in Portopetro and don’t miss out on these magical days.