The oranges of Sóller, one of the sweetest secrets of Mallorca at Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro

The gastronomy of Mallorca is one of its most deep rooted and appreciated treasures for all those who live in it and any person who visits the island. We are not just talking about its dishes which are showered by the essence of the Mediterranean diet such as the pa ambo li or the trempó or pork delights such as the camaiot or sobrassada, it also has hidden traditions which are hundreds of years old in the shape of fruit juices. Especially that of an orange, and more specifically in the area of: Sóller. At Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we use this delight in our desserts and in this article we are going to explain why.


A citrus fruit with history

Sóller is one of the most charming towns in Mallorca. At the very least it has a distinctive touch. Its strategic location is found in a valley of the Serra de Tramuntana. During the times in which Mallorca was a Muslim area, the Arabs introduced a type of bitter orange in the valley which was formerly known as Sûlyâr and they established one of the most representative and careful crops on the island. Five centuries later and with the gastronomic peak of the originating importations of the Ruta de la Seda, the sweet orange arrived in Mallorca and, inevitably, was instilled in the crops of the valley of Sóller. This delicious fruit is considered to be one of the economic pillars of this municipality.

This citric orange adapted itself perfectly to the unique climate of Sóller and its shades are what make it so distinctive. In the 18th century, with the construction of the Port of Sóller, the expansive potential multiplied greatly of the Sóller brand of oranges. The market possibility became international and with it the richness of its producers grew. Not a lot of time had passed and the oranges of Sóller were already well known across the whole of Europe, putting emphasis on the area of the south.


From the tree to ice cream: the evolution of the oranges of Sóller

The oranges from Sóller have evolved even to this day. They fill the valley with colour and are the emblem of the area. Revolving around this specific orange, businesses have been made such as the famous Sa Fàbrica de Gelats, one of the attractions of Sóller, which converts traditions in to ice creams and sorbets. This type of ice cream is currently, a big part of every summer in this area. Thousands of tourists and locals consume orange ice cream and sorbets and appreciate the authenticity of one of the citrus fruits with the most history on the island.

Na Petra, try it at our restaurant in Portopetro

At Na Petra, restaurant in Portopetro, we are very aware that local produce should be at the forefront of our restaurant. That is why, in our gastronomic offer you will always find sorbets and ice creams which have been created using oranges from Sóller. So that you soak up the history and flavour that defines it, and that way you have done it through its history, this island named Mallorca. If you want to enjoy this treat, you can reserve a table at our restaurant in Portopetro and we will tell you all of its secrets. Don’t hesitate any longer: if you want to feel refreshed, there is no better way than with one of our ice creams or sorbets made form oranges from Sóller.