Pairing Menu, 5 wines for 5 dishes at our restaurant in Portopetro

This May you will be able to enjoy a delicious menu that we have developed alongside the wine experts at Redivins. On the 25th of May at 9pm we will be serving a “Wine Pairing of 5 wines for 5 dishes”. Gastronomy and wine making tradition combine in a night like no other.

The first item which can be sampled is a tuna Tataki with an almond cream and a grape style ice slush that will be accompanied by a rose wine named 99

Rosas which brings out the fruity flavour of the grape ice slush. It is followed by Cannelloni with Butifarrón, fois gras and apple alongside a Sauvignon Blanc, within this dish, a traditional element such as the Butifarrón shines thanks to this French wine.

In the third dish seabass with bacon and a red wine sauce will be savoured, accompanied by a Verdejo wine, a curious and surprising combination. We move on to something a little sweeter with the fourth dish, an oregano and raspberry cake with a splendid veal shank. And to end this delight, a Gran Rioja elevates the flavours of this meat to another level. For the finale, Pedro Ximenéz brings it home in an unforgettable way with chocolates with flowers, a high class combination to end this menu pairing.

If you would like to enjoy this experience by Na Petra and Redivins you can reserve by calling on
+34 971 41 64 56.

We will be waiting for you!